Speaking of Dear Friends...

Thursday, 20 December 2007

And another thing.

Sure - lashings of gorgeous ornaments are a joy we can appreciate while we meander along in physical form - just as we can physically appreciate the fruity tang of Christmas cake on the tongue or the sweet arms of a 4 year old squeezing you tight around the neck.

But I tell you - when it comes to a less physical, less tangible joy, it's words.

Words are it for me.

Two days ago, after the infamous Tree Incident, I received a card from Jenn. My darling Jenn. How lucky am I to have friends who can manipulate time and space so perfectly, for a card to arrive the day I so very much needed it. Magicians, they be, these people.

These friends.

She knows what she wrote. Sweet, magical friend.

Sometimes it's people like this that allow you take another step forward. May you all be as fortunate as I am to have such magicians in your life.

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