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Monday, 30 March 2009

Today I actually bought myself a very belated birthday present. Well, everyone else did - it's just that it's taken me this long to get into a shop and spend the gift vouchers I received (other than the ones I've already spent on the kids, that is).

I always do this. I remember buying kids books with the first lot of birthday money I received from my inlaws. And I hadn't even had kids yet. Boy, do my kids score big.

Anyway, I went into David Jones today armed with a gift voucher from my lovely friend Claire, and I trailed my hands all over the lovely soaps and expensive designer card sets and boxes of imported Turkish Delight, then I do what I always do - I bought a book.

The book is called 500 Things You Should Know by Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom (Murdoch Books 2008) and it features gorgeous retro-style pics of how to do all these - well, things. Like understand soccer penalties. Or make your desk ergonomic. Or use bike hand signals for safety. Or avoid being a fashion don't.

Being a walking encylopaedia and someone who needs to know - like, everything (and very happily admits that she does NOT know everything; God, know-it-alls make me squirm), I just had to have this book and I'm loving dipping into it to learn something new.

Sure, I already know how to repot a houseplant and fold flawless hospital corners, but I did not know how to use my pants to stay afloat. I also didn't know how to fend off a shark. Now I do.

Here's hoping I don't need the shark tips, but it's nice to know I'm fully prepped if I ever do.

Right, I'm off to learn how to serve and pair pinot grigio. Darn it, I don't have a single bottle in the house.

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