our big trip - Day 8: London

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

On our fifth full day in London, Ella and I simply could not resist a visit to the Victoria and Albert museum. Well, I couldn't resist. She just tagged along, but she still enjoyed it - and I must say, preferred it to accompanying the boys to Stamford Bridge Stadium to see the home ground of Chelsea FC . . .

One happy lad.

Meanwhile, back at the V&A, revisiting this astonishing place made me wonder, yet again, if there is anywhere in the world overflowing with so much astonishing treasure. We only did a whirlwind wander, but I could have spent, quite literally, weeks ogling and cooing over the incredible collection housed in this historic building.

What I also love about the V&A is that it reeks with love. Maybe it's the care taken for each exhibit or maybe it's the vivid memory of the great love story between Victoria and Albert, but it's just a very special place to be.

I remember being quite overwhelmed with the above frieze {showing just a teensy portion of its scope} - and the bowl below, a modern creation only a few years old - took my breath away.

Oh, Turner. You turn my heart over in my chest . . .

I managed a quick {flashless!} snap of this remarkable, jewel-ridden tiara before being told off by a supervisor. Most of the artwork in the V&A can be photographed, but not the bauble and bling gallery, no no. This was probably Ella's favourite part of the museum.

The library!!

Can you even begin to wrap your eyeballs around this incredible Chihuly, dangling in the foyer of the V&A?? If you want to see his work in person, the Adelaide Hyatt currently holds one of his works.

After a morning of art-drenched delight, Ella and I headed up into Kensington to meet the boys, then we got the Tube to our fave haunt - Piccadilly Circus - for a spot of shopping and perusing.

Ella and I had our sights on afternoon tea at the Savoy - not a full high tea, just a cuppa and a piece of cake. Alas, we were turned away because only high tea patrons can take part. At around 50 pounds a head, we decided to give it a miss.

And Ella had even changed into her swanky boots and everything.

We did, however, do what all Fine Hotel-loving tourists must do - and that's use the loo. Here is Ella waiting for me in front of the bathroom mural. And below right is the entry to the high tea room. Sigh.

We instead seated ourselves down at the Wellington pub on The Strand and, warming our backs on the heat lamps, had a wee toast and people watched, before meeting the boys.

I even got to try out my new 5 pound ring from the Natural History Museum.

We were getting mighty cold by now, and had an early train to catch in the morning, so we called it a day and caught the Tube back to the apartment.

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deb@thegullsnest said...

This episode of your travelogue really made me smile and ogle too. A lovely recount. xx

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