our big trip - Day 10: London

Sunday, 3 March 2013

I could hardly believe the silence during our sleep at Leyland - true rural England, fresh, pretty, whimsical and oh so quiet. I could so retire here.

We were treated to a full English by our beautiful rellies - and all local produce, locally grown and sourced, from bacon to fresh milk that's delivered to doorstep by a local farmer. This how I want to live.

It was then off to the stunning Preston train station {like something from a Jane Austen novel} to catch a train to London. Ella's new friend 'London', from Hamley's Toy Store, enjoyed the vistas.

We'd left our baggage at our Pimlico apartment but changed hotels for this night so we could be right near St Pancras station. We booked a four-bed room at the Kings Cross Inn, which is literally right across the road. It was teensy but we were only in there to sleep, and the room was double-glazed, clean and comfortable. In fact, Riley said this was the comfiest mattress he's ever slept on!

We arrived after lunch but were so keen to head out and take in the area. We started with a local wander.

Went wandering past Kings Cross and St Pancras stations.

The St Pancras International hotel has recently undergone a major renovation and is truly breathtaking.

We also walked past this . . . and it took every ounce of strength in my body not to be sucked right in those gates.

We then decided to walk into Piccadilly, one of our fave haunts.

We simply could not resist one last shop at Cool Britannia - love that store!

Then we wandered around, taking in the lights, and spotting a little pub for dinner.

Mr Bean's teddy, from Cool Britannia joined us for dinner -

And a game of cards. A perfect way to end our time in London.

distance travelled: 18,420km

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