Family Favourites: The Tans

Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Tan family has lived in Beijing for over two years, fitting nicely into the city after moving from Naperville, Illinois. Singaporean dad Kevin is a banker and Chinese mom Sharon is the director of a training institute. Meanwhile, 5-year-old Jasmine, like many expat kids in Beijing, is American-born. Here are some of their family favorites.

We like Ding Ding Xiang on Dongzhimen because everyone can pick their own hot pot soup. Sharon loves hot and spicy since she is from Sichuan, while Kevin loves the mushroom soup. Jasmine likes anything not spicy. We often get a private room and eat away!

Beijing Day Trip
The Summer Palace. We like to go during the late fall or winter because there are fewer people and the hills are great for long, peaceful walks.

Place for Weekend Fun
Chaoyang Park. We love the open space, and often bring a tent and “camp” for the day. We can even play sand volleyball!

Weekend Ritual
We like to have our weekend breakfast at different places – often at home but sometimes in Chaoyang Park. Or we will go for dim sum somewhere. Location is not as important as the time we spend together.

Toy Stop
Hongqiao. Our last purchase was a set of angel wings for a play at the British School of Beijing. We also recently bought a radio-controlled boat for the big kid in the family – Dad!
Activity for KidsJasmine has a soccer coach, a swimming coach, an ice skating coach, an art teacher, a piano teacher and a Chinese language teacher. Too much? Maybe, but she loves it!
Birthday CelebrationWe love to party with friends. We have met and made many new friends in Beijing, especially through Jasmine!

Fast Food
Fruit! All kinds of fruit – grapes, pears, apples, oranges, cherries and peaches.

First published in beijingkids magazine and on the beijingkids website.

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