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Thursday, 23 April 2009

I have always had a deep and irrepressible desire to write.

My first poem was published by my dear grandfather, the late Wilfred Winter, when I was in elementary school in Tasmania, Australia, and things sort of just took off from there.

Since then, I have been writing prolifically, penning my first novel at age 10, and having my first magazine article published at 20.

In 1995, my first book was published by Hodder Headline Australia - "You Name It" - a collection of unusual names and meanings, plus studies on the naming process.

I have written countless manuscripts of varying genre, have designed, written and taught workshops to adults, and have had great commercial success in Beijing, China, writing, styling and editing several expat publications including beijingjkids, City Weekend, Time Out and Little Star magazines. I also have a great interest in photography.

In November 2008, I self-published my first children's picture book - Riley and the Sleeping Dragon, which will be made into a travelogue series for 0-8 year olds. Beijing Tai Tai - a memoir-style collection of blogs, columns and journal entries, was self-published in January 2009. And there are many more words in me yet.

I am Australian wife and mother of two gorgeous children – Ella and Riley. We lived in Beijing, China for almost four years and currently live in Canberra, Australia. After that? Who knows.

I love Japanese sweets, French bubbles and Australian air. Mangoes and wasabi are good, too. I love to travel, learn languages, take photographs, craft, design, decorate and wrap presents.

My greatest joys – cuddles from my kids, tea with the girls, the eyes of my husband, seeing somewhere new, creating something new, and… writing.

Tania McCartney
Canberra, April 2009

For updates on Tania's current work, see Creative History.

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