Aussie Cupcakes

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Okay, I know, I have a cake thing going on here...

After my post on cupcakes in New York, I thought it only fair to post some cupcake makers in Australia.

Although I’m sure we’d all hop on a plane in a nanosecond and jet off to the Big Apple, it might be a little more convenient to shop in Aus. This is most particularly because it means you can shovel these divine creations in your cakehole ('scuse the pun) a lot faster than if they had to ship from NYC.

If these sites don’t keep you busy for a while then you probably have a problem… a cupcake-sized problem, but a problem nonetheless. Come to think of it - what a nice problem to have.

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Emma Davidson said...

If you're in Canberra and you're into cupcakes, Style Emporium at Gold Creek is a must visit. Lots of inspiration, and little bits & pieces for making the most special little cupcakes or kids birthday cakes.

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