I’m Loving: I Never Knew That About London

Thursday, 16 April 2009

You could never know too much about London. When I lived there in 1993/1994, I was more interested in South Molton Street and Top Shop than I was about St James’s Palace. How things change.

A love of London and a love of learning things I Don’t Know means this book is one I’ll be dipping into frequently.

Did you know that the first bridge to span the River Thames was built by the Romans around 52AD, not far from the current London Bridge? The first stone bridge wasn’t built until 1176, during the reign of Henry II. It took 33 years to complete.

Having come from Beijing where it takes 33 days to complete skyscrapers (I’m not exaggerating by much), this is an astounding Thing to Know.

Thanks, Christopher Winn, for filling my head with lovely new things that help enrich the mind of this busy housewife.

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