I'm Loving... Wall Stickers

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Don' t you just love it when you receive something in the mail you've been pining for?

A lovely long tube with your name on it - and treasures inside. I could hardly open it, my fingers were all a dither.

Look at these gorgeous wall stickers I found tucked inside...

The selection is just mind-boggling but I've been eyeing off these funky cages forever...

...and I love the Asia-inspired blossoms and birds.

We have curved walls in our entry way, so this is the perfect decorative solution.

Loving it! And what's next?... that perfect vintage secretary I can strip back and dip in white.

1 comment:

Tiny Concept said...

Tania, that looks divine! I have been eyeing those birdcages off for P's room - I think you have convinced me!

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