Paper Planes

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Come on, now. Who doesn't love the swishing satisfaction of the perfect paper plane, slipping through the Loungeroom's airstream on its way to Polished Floor Boards?

Stand aside little boys - the mums, dads and girls of the world also love a quick origami fold and a full-armed slice through the air - followed quickly by the satisfaction of a long paper plane glide.

In preparation for my upcoming kids book launch for Riley and the Sleeping Dragon, the lovely Meredith from Dalton's Books sent me this fab website - Paper Planes, chock-a-block with paper plane folding ideas. Kids at the launch will have a fun, folding time creating their own Riley aeroplanes from red paper, and then we'll have contests to see whose plane goes furthest.

Hmm. I wonder how inappropriate it will be to compete myself???

1 comment:

michelle said...

oh this is lovely. :) thanks for sharing.

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