Stress Eating

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I SO wish I wasn’t a comfort eater. A stress eater.

You know those people who DON’T eat when they’re stressed? Who ARE these people? How do they DO that?

Me – when I’m stressed, I don’t just pick and nibble. I shovel and gorge.

I gobble, gulp and guzzle. I scarf it down. I ingurgitate. I glut, stuff and bolt it down. I reach for the pack and I tip it in. I've even been known to snatch yummies from my children's hands mid-lick.

It’s so shameful, I go up three dress sizes in 45 minutes.

So, tonight, at my Beijing Tai Tai book launch, my gorgeous Chinese frock will be bursting at the seams. It’s not that I’m nervous. I’m just anxious. I want to get there, I want to DO it. Torn seams, notwithstanding.

And at the rate I'm going, those seams won’t be standing. They'll be gaping open like a gap-toothed candy eater.

Excuse me while I shovel some more white chocolate raspberry bullets into my cakehole. Diet SO starts tomorrow!

and 10kg...

1 comment:

moggies said...

Shao Fae is an amazing woman....maybe she double stitched??

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