Tragic Hair Poll

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Okay - I officially need your help.

I've been hiding inside a home-hair colour bottle for too long (Beijing does that to you - you take your credibility in your hands if you succumb to hair colouring in China's capital - you can read about that horrifying tale here) and things need a-changing.

This monochrome yellow dome needs to go.

I took a risk and lopped things short whilst living in Beijing and I loved it, but as it cost $5 to have a beautiful haircut, it was easy to keep a style in vogue. Here, where one has to take out a mortgage to have someone run a comb through your hair, things are a little different for me. How can I justify a salon visit every 4 weeks when the kids actually need food and clothing and mortgages need paid?

But seriously, I do need a change. And I'm toying with going really short. This is frightening because I'm a ponytail girl at heart yet I have a secret fantasy to go Audrey Tatout chic and short. What should I do? With the yellow dome (above) in mind, cast your vote now!

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