Winter Ducks

Monday, 22 June 2009

Winter ducks in quickly in Canberra, and slips under the collar with icy fingers. I like the way it tickles.

It means we can stuff besocked feet into boots, chilled pinkies into mittens and cram fuzzy beanies on our heads. It means we can run amok in the fresh air unti our cheeks are pink and the layers are peeled off. It also means feeding the ducks.

We love winter.

What does winter mean to you?


Tiny Concept said...

these pics are just gorgeous! I can't say we get much Winter here (as I sit here in a singlet top and shorts). Just gives me more of an excuse to take the kids to the snow!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

that is a duck? Looks like a black goose? Quite beautiful! Winter here . . . well . . . SUB-ZERO temps, loads and loads and still loads more of snow . . . miserable cold - I HATE winter!

smileybella said...

There were a couple of ducks there! mostly black swans and those pesky seagulls. We always call it "feeding the ducks".

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