My Must-Read Book List Summer 2010

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Speaking of the gorgeous Posie, I was over at her blog yesterday and delighted in seeing her must-read book/mag list for the summer. Of course, the summer is two-thirds over here in Australia, so I'm wondering if she'll make it through her list (especially as she is mum to four!).

Posie's post got me thinking about my must-read list. Unfortunately (or most fortunately, actually) most of my reading list is for book reviews on Australian Women Online and Kids Book Review. This is not a bane, trust me, because I often manage to procure review copies that actually interest me, and more often than not, all review copies sent pique my interest.

The above picture shows the books I want to prioritise reviewing.

Below is a list my heart wants to review first (click to see larger photo).

And this is the current pile, with more books arriving most days. Hmm.

Let's just say I just wish I had an extra ten hours a day. I'm slowly wading through and will get to them all eventually.

For fabulous kids' book reviews, including new-release, pop on over to Kids Book Review and take a gander.

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Posie Patchwork said...

Why thanks lovely, i do try to get through reading, you know i'm not a reader but i couldn't put Beijing Tai Tai down!! You crack me up!! Having a paper craft giveaway over at Posie - not quite reading, but well intentioned. While that takes care of my blog for 5 days, i might get to my craft books. Love Posie

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