Lamp Find of the Year

Sunday, 21 March 2010

I love it when you make a find! My finds are fewer and far-er between right now because I don't have nor make the time to fossick. I just have to tell you that fossicking is good for the soul because it may just upend treasure.

This week I dropped into an op shop in Kingston after spotting this utterlylovely creation (top left) from afar, perched on a table outside like a lollipop vision from 1972. With a rounded, faux-leather textured base and an almost pristine barrell shade that is squashed flat to form a long oval, I couldn't ignore its screams to take it home.

The $7 price tag helped.

When I got home, I googled a horse silhouette, enlarged it on-screen (my printer has retired) and traced it with some baking paper. I then cut it out, held it on the shade and drew around lightly in pencil.

A few coats of black acrylic paint later - et voilĂ  - a new lamp for Ella's room. I love it. And best of all, she went cantering around the imaginary horsefields of her mind, chomping on the sweetest sugar cubes and neighing merrily when she saw it.

Love great finds.


Dani said...

Your vision never ceases to amaze me. Hope you are enjoying all being together again. XX

Thea said...

That looks great! You are so clever. :)

Porcelain Pieces said...

Love it! I can imagine Ella loves it too. I have a few great finds myself lately, can't wait to transform them.

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