No-sugar, no-wheat, no-dairy, no alcohol - DAY ELEVEN

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Okay – a little advice. Do NOT plan a hot date in the hours following a cabbage dinner.

Enough said.

Woke feeling great and not ravenously starving, as had no desire to pig out before bed last night (thanks to sating cabbage dinner).

Again, no exercise today because I had to work in the morning, then guests arrived for the night at 3pm. Did tear around house like frenzied tornado doing last minute cleaning job, so that probably equated to some form of fat-shifting movement.

Have not weighed myself in a few days. Don’t feel like I’m losing weight rapidly, but rather – steadily. Due to my age (on the OTHER side of the hill, now) and sedentary career choice, it’s unlikely I’ll shed the 5kg I shed ten years ago on a similar two-week regime. Am aiming for 2 or 3, which is a healthy reduction, considering 500g a week is the recommendation for long-term weight loss.

I cannot reiterate enough how remarkable the improvement has been in my skin. There is no facial in the world, of any kind, that could so rapidly improve skin than a regime like this, which is another reason I’m feeling pulled towards adopting this diet, or something similar, long-term. I’ve lost count of the amount of comments from people who say my skin is glowing. Lovely!

I haven’t snapped at the kids or Husband for a while now. The relief I feel over this is enormous.

Continuing on with my naturopath supplements and drinking more water. Feeling good.

Was a little naughty tonight – had a small glass of white wine with my girlfriend, whom I haven’t seen in years. Oh, and I also had some smidgens of blue cheese in a salad. But then I stopped, and I totally resisted dessert. Feel a little guilty, but then – a modified version of this regime is something I want to incorporate into my lifestyle now – and I don’t expect to live the rest of my life without a glass of wine or some smidgens of blue cheese (or dessert, for that matter).

Only three days to go. But will this be ‘the end’?

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