No-sugar, no-wheat, no-dairy, no alcohol - DAY TWELVE

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Oh my God. What can a single glass of wine do to the body? I’ll tell you. A lot.

Woke feeling seedy again this morning, for the first time in days and days, and I knew it was the wine with dinner last night. Because my system has been so ‘purified’, I was also stunned at how tiddly I felt after that glass of wine last night, when it would normally take three G&Ts before I felt a little cross-eyed. Just goes to show – the more we drink – the more we become ‘immune’ and the more unrealised damage we are doing to our livers.

Quickly recovered – had a nutritious breakfast and a cup of tea (have I told you that when all else fails, you can lean on a cup of tea?).

Badly needed to exercise after two days of nothing solid, but had so much work to catch up on. Nonetheless, dragged myself from the computer chair and flicked the switch on the treadmill (to ON, not OFF). If you’re like me and find treadmilling horrendously boring, read a book while you’re on there. I do.

Honestly? You must really think of exercise as a necessity akin to brushing your teeth or relieving your bladder. That is how vital it is to our health, our hearts, our minds, our thighs. I think the more I realise this, and the better I feel from it, the more likely it is I will stick to this. It’s all about lifestlye change and habits – long term.

Had three extra cups of milky tea today to quash any big ideas I had about the packet of Iced Vovos my guest (and dear girlfriend) dared bring into my home yesterday. And let’s not even mention the bag of foofy, carnival-coloured marshmallows, packing serious sugar. Evil woman.

Felt frustrated due to day being one of those work-flat-out-and-feel-you-get-nowhere days, but noticed how much calmer and more capable I was able to deal with intense frustration.

Went out for dinner with some girlfriends and stayed away completely from anything forbidden. A very proud moment. Wasn’t even tempted really, because the company and conversation was so fulfilling and subsquently filling. Doesn’t that say something about life? The more fulfilled and contented and filled we are – the less need we will have to fill ourselves with food. Especially comfort food.

Felt so crystal clear in the mind today, despite obsessive thoughts centered on Iced Vovos that threatened to overpower me. Actually starting to wonder if Iced Vovos are really supreme beings of the universe wrapped in crinkly plastic wrapping, and have ultimate power over human bodies and therefore their minds – via subliminal messaging sugar control.

Fear I’m hallucinating due to normal levels of sugar in blood for first time in decades.

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