a very grumpy book launch

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wow! What a fantabulously grumpy launch we had at Dalton's Bookstore in Canberra today! Around 100 people packed into the courtyard on this gorgeous sunshiny day for a book reading, illustrator demo, candy bar and mega signing.

A highlight of the party, illustrator Kieron Pratt was inundated with kids after his demo, and spent quite some time drawing pics for them all - what a love. Another major highlight was when Callum the extraordinary-plane-constructor and his talented dad Craig (and brother Bryce) turned up with THAT plane. That's right. There were some MAJOR oohs and ahhs over this incredible creation.

Then, of course, there was candy bar mania... but thankfully we had the lovely Ken from Kelly Sports on hand to take the kids on a wild post-sugar workout, with some cool, sporty games.

The candy bar was also a major hit, especially the wombat cookies and the hole-in-the-garden cupcakes. This is a small candy bar peek (before the masses arrived!) and unfortunately all the photos taken at the launch were lost, so I'm heartbroken to say I have no more to show you. If you attended and took any photos, please do email them to me - I would be so grateful.

For now - a wee rest from a fabulous party. Thanks everyone for coming! And HUGE thanks to my sensational sponsors, especially my dear friend Meredith Wright of Dalton's.


Dani said...


Emma Davidson said...

My three kids had so much fun! The first thing Sophia told daddy when she got home was that there's some big and funny words in the new book. Juliet watched Kieron's drawing intently and couldn't wait to get out the pencils and paper at home. And little Billy was just overjoyed to have a purple balloon!

Thank you for another beautiful, exciting, inspiring book.

Tania McCartney said...

My launches would NOT be the same without you and your beautiful children, Em. So glad they 'got' the big words!! xx

Jackie@My Little Bookcase said...

It looks just brilliant- so colourful and lots of happy faces! :)

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