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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Last week, I dared do something I dare not do very much. Put my work-in-progress out there. Colleague and dear friend Dee White is running a superb service for writers - Friday Feedback on Deescribe - where she critiques and offers helpful suggestions to works-in-progress.

I tell you something, if I was to trust a critique to anyone, it would be Dee. She is the most insightful, intelligent and experienced writer and editor - and although I was somewhat terrified to submit my unfinished work to the public domain, I was so delighted with her suggestions, and the suggestions of other readers, that this work - now entitled How to be Ten {thanks, gals!} - is something I'm totally revisiting . . . and getting serious about.

If you're a writer who would like their work critiqued, head to Friday Feedback and email Dee to submit your work for this incredible {free!} opportunity. Love your work, Dee!

PS: Dee also runs Writing Classes for Kids {and Adults!}, which is also a must-see.

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