our big trip - Day 9: Leyland

Saturday, 2 March 2013

I simply adore country England, so it was with much excitement we boarded a train for Preston to visit rellies. I also adore train travel. It gives us a chance to recalibrate, talk, fill in our travel journals, and ogle the fabulous landscapes along the way.

We stayed with husband's cousin and his lovely wife at Leyland, near Preston, and were spoiled to bits. What a beautiful part of the world - like something from a storybook, with beautiful houses, whimsical walking paths and woodland nooks. My, it was cold, but the sky put on a spectacular show with a spiderweb of contrails, and that warmed us through.

Riley spent a bit of time in this mud, with a soccer ball. As we'd left our main luggage in London and only had one pair of pants for him {it was just an overnight side trip}, I was a little, um - upset. Thankfully, our rellies are phenomenal with washing and drying pants in record time!

We absolutely loved this rural walk - I even spotted one of my favourite plants - holly, which I used to be obsessed with when I lived in England.

At the end of our long walk, we stopped at a local pub for G&Ts and a game or twenty of cards. It was so much fun. And that night we went to nearby Croston - the most divine village - and had a spectacular authentic Italian meal.

That night, we sat and chatted and reminisced. I even indulged in an authentic Jammie Dodger with a good British cup of tea. Oh my, they are good.

distance travelled: 18,059km

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