our big trip - day 19: Amsterdam

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Our second day in Amsterdam began with a very excited Riley. Standing on the edge of his bed and peeking out the window to the alleyway below, we were woken to the following squeals:

"Snow! Snow!"

And indeed, all night long it had snowed - and there was snow snow snow everywhere. The kids were dressed in lightning-fast time and out the door before breakfast, squealing in the street with glee, much to the amusement of commuters on their way {cycling, of course} to work.

After a fabulous breakfast at the hotel, we hotfooted it out into this frosty, heavy snow day - and I swear to you - there was not five metres covered in any direction, ALL DAY LONG, without a snowball being thrown. It was truly hysterical.

After a delicious brunch at Bagels and Beans, we jumped on a canal boat. Stops are located all over the city, and it's so much fun to sit in the comfort of a boat and be taken through Amsterdam heaven.

Floating past the {temporary} Rembrandt Museum {the Rijksmuseum - sadly - is currently under major rennovation}, it was so hard to contain myself from leaping off the boat and dashing inside. My kids appreciate art but there was no way they were entertaining yet another gallery visit. I'll have to just go back one day.

The Waag is even more hauntingly beautiful in the snow . . .

Could Amsterdam possibly be more picturesque? I'm gagging to go back and spend time in the city, this time during summer.

After a pitstop at Starbucks, we decided to visit the NEMO Science Centre. Jutting out of the water like an aged, bronzed ship, this incredible building is a WHOLE lot of fun for kids. And I must admit, Husband and I absolutely loved it, too.

By late afternoon, the snow was really falling and we were quite worried about our train ride back to the The Hague. They had already started altering timetables. Luckily, our train was unaffected but we only just made it, as tracks were shut down just after we left.

We arrived back at our townhouse in the Hague at 7pm, gobbled dinner and fell into a dreamy sleep. Yes, Amsterdam is now, officially, one of my favourite destinations.

distance travelled: 19,575km

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Dani said...


tiarastantrums said...

we loved Amsterdam too and wished we had skipped Brussels altogether and stayed longer in Amsterdam (what is the saying about hindsight) Son literally cried when we the sun started to set b/c the day was over and we were leaving the next day! He was heartbroken! Hubbie wanted to take the canal ride (none of us did, but we all gave in) and Tania - it was the most boring two hours of my life! The kids hated it! Son was so mad at hubs for wanting to take that ride! haha! We are so going back to Amsterdam soon

Tania McCartney said...

You did TWO HOURS on the boat!? No way! We did about 40 mins then got off. That was enough. Beautiful, though. I think it helped that we had just had snowfall, too - it was pretty spectacular. xx

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