Monday 9 February 2009

Spot the difference

Did you manage to spot the differences? There were 10 differences in these pictures from Riley and the Dancing Lion... (right-click and 'open' each one to enlarge)

  1. Diamantes on tail of dancer on the left missing.
  2. Eye colour changes to green on left-hand dancer.
  3. Mother and baby missing from pool, just left of left-hand dancer.
  4. Lamp light missing at right hand side of picture.
  5. Blue stripe missing on tail of dancer on the right.
  6. Leotard on right-hand dancer changes colour.
  7. Stripe on umbrella gets darker.
  8. Man at very far left hand side of picture disappears.
  9. One of the lights on the tall light stand at the left of the pool disappears.
  10. The nails on the right-hand dancer get longer.
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