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Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Hi, everyone!

I so hope you're doing well, adopting #StayHomeForLove wherever you can, and juggling life in this new surreal reality.

I have been busy recording and uploading a bunch of videos to my YouTube channel - most of them expressly for kids, with a 'kid' rating. They include story readings and peeks at my books and the creative processes and production involved. I've got lots more content coming soon, including illustration techniques and inspo.

I'm hoping these videos prove a valuable resource for teachers, librarians, parents and carers... and of course, kids! We may be facing some challenges right now, but please remember that books bring such comfort for kids ... and adult ... and although we're all stuck in place right now, we can always travel the world in a book.

Click the poster above to head to my channel. More...

an AlphaKid peek - W is for WAILING

Friday, 27 March 2020

Right now, we need our hearts warmed, do we not? Normally I don't share works-in-progress so early but me and my lovely publisher from Windy Hollow Books reckon we could go against The Rules and start sharing a few peeks from my alphabet book, AlphaKid.

The book features an ABC of interaction between parents and kids and I've had immense fun playing with each letter's interpretation. I'm hoping this W is for WAILING makes you smile as much as I did during its creation. And baby orangutans - I mean, come on - smile-worthy!

With all that's going on right now, the book's pub date is not confirmed, but I'll let you know as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy this little peek. And keep smiling.



Sunday, 22 March 2020

This morning, I went to Nara Peace Park on Lake Burley Griffin to do some tai chi and drink in the fresh air and connect with nature, albeit smack bang in the middle of this small city.

And as I moved, I looked up and I saw these branches reaching for each other in solidarity, and I wept. Because I felt so deeply frustrated and heartbroken over what we've done to this planet. And how we've chosen to elect the most self-serving, unrelentingly clueless people into power.

Then I saw this meme, above, and it perfectly explains why I wept.

For those empaths really struggling right now, I wanted to send you my love. Let's continue to be present, kind and thoughtful. Let's open our hearts to others. Let's reach out. Let's be mindful and generous and take only what we need, in all senses of the word.

In the last week, I have received and made more phone calls and had more beautiful messages from strangers than I've had in a year or more. I've witnessed more acts of selflessness and love and community than I have in a decade.

And there's ever a way to take hope, even in dire situations. Have you noticed a real spike in creative energy? My daughter, nearly 20... I caught her drawing in her room this morning. Drawing. She hasn't done that for years. She had created the most stunning meditative pattern and I could almost sense her nervous system quietening. And just now she's come into my studio to ask for coloured pencils. Just, wow.

Let's continue this #kindnesspandemic. We are The Arts. We are creativity and passion and beauty and compassion. Let's spread all of these things because they're mighty powerful.


P.S. if you want to immerse in some book reviews, I'm doing a little series of videos on Instagram. I hope it cheers you.

Signed copies and goodie bags at Harry Hartog Woden

Monday, 16 March 2020

Hello, everyone. The world is in a strange place right now. After our devastating bushfires, it seems particularly cruel to be book-ended with another crisis; this time global.

Cate Whittle, Stephanie Owen Reeder and I were crushed to cancel our Launch in 3 Acts yesterday at Harry Hartog Bookseller. We chose to do this to help prevent the awful and potentially steep gait of that Coronavirus curve, and we're glad we did, as things have escalated even overnight.

We have, all three of us, popped in to Harry Hartog at Westfield Woden here in Canberra, to sign a stack of books and to drop off the goodie bags that were destined for our launch. If you get get in store this week, or even phone the store to see if they can post items, you can score signed copies of the books listed below. And be sure to ask for a goodie bag at the front counter--there are quite a few but they will probably go quickly.

If schools face closure these coming weeks, keep an eye on my blog as I will have some treats in store to help out teachers and parents. Also check out my Instagram page later today as I'm offering the decorations from my Evie and Pog window, which I just took down from Harry Hartog today. I can post anywhere in Australia and I'll throw in some dog paw stickers and activity sheets, too.

As we lock down to prevent that awful steep viral curve, I hope you and the kids find comfort in reading. Remember, this is so very much about community and for me, there could be nothing more comforting than staying home and curling up with a book.

Stay safe and well, all. Sending stacks of love.


Signed books currently in store
Emergency Rescue Angel by Cate Whittle
Trouble in the Surf by Stephanie Owen Reeder
Will the Wonderkid by Stephanie Owen Reeder
Marvellous Miss May by Stephanie Owen Reeder
Amazing Grace by Stephanie Owen Reeder 
Lennie the Legend Heritage Heroes edition by Stephanie Owen Reeder
Evie and Pog: Take Off! by Tania McCartney
Evie and Pog: Puppy Playtime! by Tania McCartney
I Heart the World by Tania McCartney
Fauna: Australia's Most Curious Creatures by Tania McCartney
Ivy Bird by Tania McCartney and Jess Racklyeft
An Aussie Year by Tania McCartney and Tina Snerling
See Hear by Tania McCartney and Jess Racklyeft
Smile Cry by Tania McCartney and Jess Racklyeft

Evie and Pog window at Harry Hartog Woden

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Huge thanks to Kate and the team at Harry Hartog Bookseller for this fab opportunity to introduce Evie and Pog to Canberrans - such a gorgeous space and I'm ever grateful.

Window will be in place until just after my combined book launch with Stephanie Owen Reeder and Cate Whittle on 15 March at 10.30am.

More pics below. Hope you get a chance to see the window, and see you at the launch - more details right here.

Review of Fauna in Magpies Magazine

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Book Launch in 3 Acts

Tuesday, 18 February 2020


I'm over the moon to be launching my latest titles - Evie and Pog Take Off!, Evie and Pog Puppy Playtime! and I Heart the World - with two gorgeous local author friends, Stephanie Owen Reeder and Cate Whittle. We're having one whopping big shindig of an event at Harry Hartog Woden and we so hope you can make it! There'll be lots of goodies for kids to take home. Be sure to RSVP.

Join three local authors releasing six fabulous kids’ books – all at the same time!

The six books soar over a range of genres – from early chapter readers (Evie and Pog) and large format picture books (I Heart the World) with Tania McCartney, to extensively illustrated creative non-fiction (Will the Wonderkid and Lennie the Legend) with Stephanie Owen Reeder, to magical middle grade fiction (Emergency Rescue Angel) with Cate Whittle.

Enjoy fabulously fun book readings and signings and take-home goodies provided by each author! RSVP essential. Click the poster above to register. This event is FREE.

I Heart the World illustration roughs

Friday, 17 January 2020

In just two weeks, I Heart the World will hit stores, taking kids on a voyage around our globe, visiting far flung places and discovering our sights, sites, flora, fauna and the deliriously diverse people who inhabit our continents - from the Arctic to Antarctica, from Paris to Peru.

While you wait for this armchair voyage, here is a peek at the many illustrations that went into the book. I produced over 1000 separate images for my Australia Map and added another few hundred for the World Map.

Many of these illustrations were included in I Heart the World but there are many more new ones - probably another few hundred. Yes, this book is BIG! Literally and figuratively.

You'll see here the watercolour images I created before scanning and finishing in Photoshop, then draping over the pages of the book. Many of the sheets here has illustrations on the back, too, and this is only some of the grand total. I could perhaps make a carpet with them all.

Hope you enjoy this peruse, and look out for I Heart the World in stores soon. You can also order online right here.

Happy peeking...!

books, smoke, fire, heartbreak, hope - hello, 2020

Sunday, 12 January 2020

a chirpy cockatoo on my walk this morning

Well, the year has started with a firestorm. Literally. The loss has already been incalculable, and there's more to come. Australians are drenched with grief and distress at the lives lost, the animals lost (current estimate is at 1 billion), ecosystems lost, houses and other structures lost, including heritage buildings. It's been too much to bear for so many.

Australia is Burning - AUCTION #AuthorsForFireys

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Australia is burning and unless some drastic change is immediately implemented, this is likely our future. We may be the driest continent (next to Antarctica, but not many trees to burn there) but the rest of the world will follow. So, this is our lot unless we get our head out of the sand and make concrete, deeply-effective decisions - the very first being the power of the vote.

We are so fortunate in Australia to live in a Democracy that allows us to choose people to run our government. These people - public servants - become our employees. We pay them. We fund them. We need to ensure that the people we choose put land and people (in that order - without land, we would not be here) before money.

While the country wakes up to the nightmare it has voted into power, and realises once and for all that the fish rots from the head down, authors all over Australia are running auctions to raise money for the Country Fire Service. These selfless men and women are risking their lives and livelihoods to do all they can to abate the fury of these devastating fires.

There are some amazing items up for grabs - check it out with the hashtag...


I am offering two, below. Head to my TWITTER FEED and you'll see both of the above auctions listed near the top of my feed. Make a bid by replying to my post. Be as generous as you can - and do be quick, as the auctions end 11 Jan.

1. ‪To raise money for CFA, I’m offering a signed copy of my new (not out till Feb!) huge format picture book, I Heart the World, PLUS an original little watercolour image from the book.

2. To raise money for CFA, I’m offering a picture book ms assessment and will name a character after your child in an upcoming Evie and Pog book.

For more details on how to bid and pay, visit authorsforfireys.wixsite.com/website

A huge shout out to authors @EmilyGale and @NovaWeetman for this wonderful initiative.


If you are an author, or even if you're not, and you have some NEW books to spare, please consider sending some to Clifton Creek Primary School, which was reduced to ashes in the bushfires. See below for more information.

From Jackie Randall:

Attention ALL AUSTRALIAN AUTHORS and bookshop owners: here’s something we can do to help just one of the bushfire-affected communities.

Clifton Creek Primary School was burned to the ground on 31 December 2019. The community is located a short distance inland from Lakes Entrance in Victoria.

In conjunction with the business manager of the school and the Terry Floyd Foundation (that is gathering donations for the rebuild of the school), I’m co-ordinating a project to help repopulate their school library.

Here’s what you can do (up until Friday 14 February):

1. Do you have a NEW copy of your book (or books) you can donate to the school? Your book should be suitable for primary-aged children. It may be traditionally published or self-published (as long as it has an ISBN). Please do not send second-hand books.

2. Send the new copy of your book/s to the post office address below.

3. Feel free to write a note to the school and place it (loose) inside the front cover of the book.

4. After you’ve posted the book, please feel free to place a link to your book in the comments below.

5. All books will be forwarded in batches to the Terry Floyd Foundation to be made available as the school year begins.

6. Please share this post wherever you and other Australian authors mingle on Facebook.

Please send your books to:

Clifton Creek PS Book Drive

c/o Jackie Randall

PO Box 6430

Rouse Hill NSW 2155

Evie and Pog wish you a sparkling Christmas

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Evie and Pog wish you 
a sparkling festive season and 
a truly inspiring 2020

They look forward to meeting you 
on 1 February in Take Off and Puppy Playtime
At bookstores everywhere, or pre-order 
by clicking the book covers below.

https://taniamccartneyweb.blogspot.com/2012/11/evie-and-pog-take-off-february-2020.html      https://taniamccartneyweb.blogspot.com/2012/11/evie-and-pog-puppy-playtime-february.html

a little Christmas shimmer

Monday, 2 December 2019

I'm not for a moment suggesting that shimmer can overcome times of crisis. Because things so oft feel crisis-like of late, non, particularly this year? But for me, shimmer does help. It does. It reminds me to look to the light and to seek ways to give comfort to others.

In light of giving comfort, scoot to the bottom of this post for a way you can give back to women in need this Christmas. And see some pics from our SCBWI ACT Jolabokaflod.

Before I get to the big deck-the-halls-christmas-decor-reveal ...

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