Friday, 8 April 2016

You can find most of my books online or instore around Australia, though some of the older books may not be available instore. Ask your local to order it in, or find it online. See all books here.

Here is a link to Booktopia, but other sites sell my books, too, including The Book Depository for buyers outside Australia.

I sometimes have small quantities of my books for sale (which means I can sign them!), especially new release, and you can find them at my Etsy store. You can also buy giclée or laser prints of my artwork and book artwork at this store. Just click the image below.


Katie said...

I’m desperately searching for a copy of An Aussie year to take over to America this Christmas. Everywhere is out of stock. Please please tell me you have one that I can buy.

Tania McCartney said...

Hi, Katie, not sure if you’ll get this - probably best to email me questions (email address available on this site) but you could try (and it’s on sale!)

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