Halloween in Beijing - BOO!

Friday, 2 November 2007

Halloween is BIG amongst the ex-pat community in Beijing. Not only because there are loads of Americans here, but because (shock, horror) there are other countries around the world that celebrate Halloween. Britain, Ireland (where it originated), Poland, Portugal, Japan, the Philippines, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Austria, Belgium and even Hong Kong, all have their relative celebrations.

Although us Aussies don't traditionally celebrate Halloween, we like any excuse for a party and celebrate the holiday full on in our ex-pat community. We have had such a blast these past three Halloweens, we will definitely be taking the celebration home with us when we return to Aus.

I wrote a how-to-host-a-Halloween-party feature article for beijingkids (www.beijingkids.com/) October issue, so Halloween started early in our house...

My Halloween party article - www.beijing-kids.com

We then celebrated with an enormous (200 kids!) tbjkids party on the 27th...

Halloween party for tbjkids at A-Z Beijing - www.beijing-kids.com

A party in our building complex on the 28th... Riley and Ella

And a party and trick or treat at our Embassy on the 31st.

Riley at Embassy bash

A spookily good time was had by all!

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