little: Editor Letter

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

This has been some big, pregnant plan.

Indeed, there has definitely been an active, kicking fire in the belly to produce a gorgeous, practical ezine resource for parents who want to make life beautiful and lots of fun for their children, whilst also making life easier and more inspiring for mum and dad.

And here it is. The birth of my ezine - little.

Like pregnancy, it has been a journey fraught with hope, anticipation, dedication, expectation and an overwhelming feeling of love. Inside its heart, I want to share with you ideas to simplify and beautify the childhood of your babies – from birth to 12 years – to make their journey loving, active, inspired, creative, joyful and memorable.

Like a newborn baby, I hope to bring you much of what a new baby brings. I hope you spend sleepless nights deliberating on new and better ways to do things. I hope you find inspiration in learning and developing ideas while at the same time playing the role of teacher to your children. I hope you come away with ideas you have never heard or thought of before.

May little. inspire you to do better, to make more, to ask, to tell, to share - and to truly acknowledge the amazing parent you are. And most of all, may it help you appreciate and enjoy every moment of your children’s glorious childhood journey.

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