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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Around 18 months ago, I decided to write my own magazine. I mean - I write a lot, but this was an ambitious undertaking. You see, I love magazines. I devour magazines. See my some addictions vol.1 posting for more information on that fact. So I ordered how-to books from and learned how to create a magazine. As you do.

The trouble with me is that I want to do Everything. I want to learn to design, layout, market, write, edit, promote, create - every aspect of the magazine industry. So I took responsibility for every aspect of my magazine, and I created it. I called it little.

Seeing little sitting in a shiny stack on the lower racks of every newsagent in Australia may still be a pipedream, however, I have every intention of contacting Rupert to see if he can squeeze me in somewhere on the Australia-wide magazine rack (and given the amount of market research I've put into little, I do believe there is room, Mr Murdoch - lashings of money-making room! wa ha ha ha haaaa!!!).

Convincing a magazine magnate an idea is indeed marketable, and subsequently hopping on the campaign trail, is a little hard to do from China (alas) so that hopefully surmountable task will be set for when I return in 2009. In the meantime, you - my dear readers - will now be able to to sip a drip of my little pipedream!

Yes, for a limited time only, coming to Writer in Beijing, is a glimpse of all my hard work - a focused, driven, enlightened time which, even if little never makes it big, was one of the most joyful four months of my creative life.

If you like, please let me know. Anything to help my 2009 Campaign Mr Murdoch Trail!

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