beijingkids (formerly tbjkids)

Friday, 2 November 2007

I started freelancing for tbjkids in September of this year. What a dream job. Loving it.

The magazine is part of the stable of The Beijinger (formerly That's Beijing), an English language, ex-pat magazine of impressive proportions. This gorgeous magazine is beautifully crafted and edited. With 10 issues a year, it has regular and special features, all with an ex-pat focus and a lovely nod to our host country.

At the moment I am compiling and writing material for the tidbits page. I am also writing the Family Travels article, the Family Favorites article, the odd Regular Feature and at least one Special Feature a month. This kind of opportunity has been a dream come true for me... magazines are a great love of mine and this work is a real joy. Experience: priceless.
Read more about my work for tbjkids under the "tbjkids:" headings.

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