Announcing the launch of Riley and the Sleeping Dragon

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Announcing the launch of Riley and the Sleeping Dragon, the tale of a boy who flies his little red plane around Beijing in search of the elusive sleeping dragon of China.

Featuring beautiful black and white photos of the capital, along with illustrations by Canadian artist Mo Qovaizi, this book makes a fabulous memento of expat life in Beijing and is something that can be treasured by children for years to come.

Join Riley on this magical advernture - his discovery will entrance readers of all ages.

Available at The Bookworm, The BoomMark, Garden Books in Beijing in Shanghai and Chaterhouse Booktrader, from Monday 24 November 2008. For those outside China, you can purchase online at

(I did it! Publishing a children's book in Beijing? Mei wenti!)

First published on the City Weekend Beijing website.

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