Inner Colours

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Did you know that every colour has an ‘inner’ colour? This reflective or ‘opposite’ colour can be seen on photo negatives… it’s when our blue jeans magically appear orange. Try the example above – to see what colour bright red becomes.

First, stare at the black dot in the centre of the red square for 20 seconds, without moving your eyes. Then move your eyes to the white square and stare at the black dot there. Hey presto! Inner colour revealed!

You can practise seeing reflective colours with your friends. Tack sheets of coloured paper on a wall with a sheet of white paper in between each colour. Draw a small black dot in the centre of each page. Now, choose a colour and stare at its dot for 20 seconds then move to the white sheet next to it. Keep staring at the white sheet and the reflective colour will miraculously appear!

Do you know where color actually comes from? Learn more about the frequency and wavelengths of colour, how we see it and why things are the colour they are. You can even do some cool colour activities that will make your eyes boggle! Go to Colour Therapy Healing for a rainbow trip.

Ever wondered what your inner colour is? Go to What’s Your Inner Colour? to find out!


The reflective colours are…

red – bright aqua
orange – bright light blue
yellow – violet
green – bright pink
blue – orange
lilac – golden yellow
pink – soft green
black – white
white – black

First published on the beijingkids website.

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