A Literary Day

Sunday, 8 March 2009

The human spirit feeds on words

You may or may not have worked out that I love to write. And it seems to be infiltrating my son and daughter. Ella is already creating illustrated tomes, not just in hard copy but on the PC – using powerpoint, illustrator, picture it and publisher. She’s not fussy. Whatever provides colour and sparkles is good.

Riley is also starting to churn out a yarn or two, and both kids love love love to read. So do Mum and Dad. You’ll often find us sitting on the couch, quite nose-less because our schnozes are so deeply buried in a book.

We packed dozens of book boxes to take back to Australia and we’re going a little stir crazy existing on only a dozen or so books before we hit Aussie shores. I’m delighted, then, to be involved in Beijing’s first Literary Day, hosted by the super ladies who run The BookMark. It’s starting out small, but already there’s some fascinating people coming along – everyone from published authors to magical clowns, and lots of amateur authors and students in between (and hopefully you).

Don’t know about you, but I’m gagging to hear their work, from the tots to the teens and beyond – from politics to science to fairies. It’s going to be magical.

The human spirit can never tire of books. Words, poems, essays, prose. Hang the brain - it’s like oxygen for the soul. And with such a rich, varied expat clientele, Beijing is basting in bookish juices right now (amongst other juices like art juices, restaurant juices, cultural sophistication juices). In fact, it’s a literary soup.

So before you dive into the divine Bookworm (Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhou) and Shanghai International Literary Festivals (Feb/March), be sure to pop in to Beijing’s inaugural The BookMark Literary Day at Smallville Cafe (next to Mrs Shanen's) this Saturday 17 Jan. Kick off is 10am and tomorrow I'll post a line-up of talent for you all to devour.

And if you want to delight the masses with your own prose, head to www.taniamccartney.com to watch out for more info on Literary Day 2010.

Clutch your satchel of books and come on down! in support of this wonderful community event. See you there.

First published on the City Weekend Beijing website.

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