Make Mine Pepperoni

Saturday, 7 March 2009

As the weather changes and we slide into icier months, we turn to comfort food to refuel and warm up – and nothing beats pizza for comfort food! Kids notoriously love the stuff, and when the kids are happy… well… enough said.

But from where does this cheesy treat originate? Early origins point to the Babylonians, Armenians and Greeks, with the modern take of pizza laden with tomato andcheese claimed by Italy, then adopted wholeheartedly by the US. Even the Persians of 6th century BC got in on the pizza act: Soldiers of Darius the Great were said to have baked flat bread on their shields, covering the piping hot rounds with cheese and dates.

Whatever its origins, one can find almost anything atop a pizza pie these days. And no one is better at creating curious combos than kids: Chunks of pineapple, goat’s cheese, salty olives, slivers of ham, longs strings of gooey melted cheese – this is the stuff winter weekends are made of. Kids love to take part, so warm up the oven, tie on an apron and watch them create!

Does making your own pizza dough send you into a tail spin? Try these sites for really simple pizza how-to’s:

A Pizza Philosophy

Crazy for Pizza

First published on the beijingkids website.

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