Oh my Gawd! I’m a covergirl!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ha ha hee hee ha ha ho! Too funny

This is just too hilarious.

It’s only taken me two-score plus years, sagging jowls and two bags of cellulite on each thigh to achieve this. Thank God I didn’t write any books on bikini-wearing or nudist colonies, let me just say that.

I must also say that during our family’s repatriation to Australia, amongst the expected stress of it all – I’ve had an enormous fear that my book success in the Jing – that incredible, supportive literary wave I’d been surfing – would die down rapidly to a mere ripple and lap meagrely against the shore, and that I would plop face-down in the sand never to rise again.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Canberra City News, I can now leap about on my metaphorical surfboard (saddle bags cannot stop me! jowls be damned!) in delight and shock that this would happen. 

Fear-of-wave-fading rapidly subsiding.



Too crazy.

Too hilarious!

But if having my mug on a mag cover will plug these Beijing publications that are so close to my heart, I’m happy to live the covergirl facade.

Australia – here I come! Lucky we have some big waves here...

Read the Canberra City News cover story article here. It's about me!

First published on the City Weekend Beijing website.

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