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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Christie of Pigeon Pair recently posted on some gorgeous animal stamps and it sent me straight from my chair to my spare room, in search of some stamps I bought in Japan in 2007.

You should have seen me foraging in desperation. But I found these luscious little creations, and when I set eyes on them, of course, I wanted to start stamping everything in sight.

Funny that I was just wondering what we could do as a craft tomorrow with the kids for Easter Friday. Paper eggs - stamped by Aussie kids with French stamps bought in Japan while we were living in China! Natch! Gotta love this teensy world - it is getting smaller, no?

So Japan! LOVE these!

PS: If you haven't been to Japan, you really need to go immediately. Put everything down and book. I'm going to do a travel blog on our trip eventually - it was an experience I could repeat weekly. On that note, if anyone has a house I can live in for free - Tokyo or Kyoto would be fine - and a fabulously creative, well-paid job, you only have to let me know. I'll be there. Just asking, is all. Can't hurt to ask.

Aren't these just too much?

1 comment:

Christie said...

i LOVE japanese stamps (i have the set with the house & tree etc) & can't wait to go to japan, it was going to be this year until the GFC, now i think it will have to wait...

anyhoo, we will get there & I will have to pick your brain for where to go!

ps your stamp collection is so fantastic!

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