Japan Toy Museum

Sunday, 12 April 2009

After my first post on our trip to Japan, I felt inspired to surf a little on fabrics, toys, paper, looking for goodies to tempt you to go there...

If you needed any excuse to go, here it is...

The Japanese Toy Museum. And if that is not tempting enough, look at the exhibitions they have there... Click on the photos to see more.

Christmas Around the World
Monkey Toys
Hometown Hina Dolls
Japanese Cloth Work - Chirimen Pouches
Toys that Move
Animal Models from Around the World
Rooster and Hen Toys
Water Toys and Playthings from the Fair
A Trip Through German Toys
African Toys and Arts
Warrior dolls from Tango-no-Sekku (Boys' Festival)
Showa Era Toys
It's a Small World Afterall 
Japanese Festival Through Folk Toys
Japanese Goodluck Figurines
World Masks and Festival Dolls
Ox Toys and Folk dolls of Tenjin-san
Christmas Markets from Around the World

Okay. I'll stop now. Isn't this just agony???

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