Knit Odes to Babes

Saturday, 11 April 2009

I like to think of knitting as having a sort of poetry about it. Each meditative stitch weaves within it love and tenderness... if someone knits something for you, then you can be assured you're precious to them.

Before Ella was born, I knitted this little cable cardigan with matching hat. I still remember her bundled up in it, snug under the fingertips of a cold Canberra like a little sausage roll.

These other pieces were knitted (lickety split, as years of talent does) by Ella's Granny. I can actually feel the love when I hold these. Tiffany silver spoons be damned - these are priceless to me, and hopefully one day - just as priceless to Ella.

More knits coming soon... Show me yours - don't be shy!

1 comment:

Karin said...

Very beautiful. I've picked my knitting back up for the coming winter. Must get some photos up.

Tania, we met at the Matilda's market last weekend. I'm Karin - the one from the states. It was lovely to meet you and chat. Thoroughly enjoyable! Am looking forward to your book signing. Take care.

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