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Friday, 3 April 2009

That pesky trampoline is wrecking havoc on my nether regions.

Who doesn’t like a good bounce?

Along with twirling and swinging, it surely must be the stuff kids’ dreams are made of.

And it doesn’t dissipate as adulthood descends – I still love a good bounce and a swing, although I must admit, twirling and spinning agrees with me no longer lest I want to heave up my breakfast all over the lawn. How sad that it makes me nauseous rather than giddy with delight.

Damn Aging Process.

Anyway, I was really super happy when we got the Trampoline (one of the long-awaited things in our house – like a BBQ). I was so excited, I leapt about on it with the kids for a few minutes before whizzing myself.

I’m not incontinent. Let’s just say the network of stretchy muscles supporting my pelvic floor ‘aint what it used to be. And trampolining sure brought that fact out into the open YET AGAIN, thank you childbirth. Each and every leap felt like a watermelon was on its way out.

Not a good feeling.

I’m off to read this book by Mary O’Dwyer. Again.

Damn age.

TIP: If you ever do get caught in a twirling session, jump straight up and down or nod your head up and down vigorously (or both!). The reason we feel nauseous after twirling is that the blood in our veins quite literally whirlpools, giving that giddy feeling that descends into nausea as we age. By jumping or nodding, you are helping to realign the flow of your blood into an up/down motion and the nausea will dissolve faster. Useless facts - love 'em!


moggies said...

This one made me laugh. Same thing happened to me. I was fine jumping up and down then went to show the kids how to land on your bum.....the look on my face must have been pricelss!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG - hilarious - THIS is the exact reason I no longer jump on that silly things with my kids!! hee hee (TB)

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