Paper Houses

Friday, 10 April 2009

Speaking of my clever clogs daughter, she has this obsession with paper.

Hmm. I wonder where she gets that from?

Look at these "rooms" Ella makes out of paper and card. They are getting more and more sophisticated the older she gets, and this one is her best yet...

This is the a kitchen - you are looking into the fridge from behind.

Another kitchen angle. Please appreciate the cutlery.

The obligatory rabbit in the kitchen. Does your kitchen have a rabbit?
If not, why not??

The madam of the kitchen.

This is the bathroom, with the tub, sink and loo.

This is a great angle of the loo.

And this is the play pen for your pet rabbit, while you take a whiz. Please note the waterbottle on the wall.

If you have a daughter (or son) obsessed with pets and rabbits, Ella has started her own blog... Mango and Max.


Rawseedling said...


Jane Blogs said...

Well of course, who doesn't have a rabbit playpen in their bathroom?

Personally, we have one for guinea pigs in ours. ;)

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