School Holiday Fun: Scavenger Hunt

Monday, 20 April 2009

Above and beyond an innate need to explore, kids love to find. The reward at the end of the hunt – that is the stuff real explorers hanker for.

You don’t need a sunny day or a grassy lawn to have a scavenger hunt. The beauty about them is that they can be held anywhere and with any amount of children – even just one.

Riley, who found himself decidedly abandoned by his big sister and neighbours who had absconded to coastal retreats, had a ball on a solo hunt for ‘treasure’. Reporting back his spoils had him bursting in the face pink.

You can make a theme out of your hunt. You can be obscure or crystal clear or set riddles.

You can leave notes or simply hand out a list of items or set time limits to encourage a wee bit of healthy competition.

Whatever the case, scavenging for treasure is great holiday fun indeed.

Tomorrow's School Holiday Activity will have kids testing the laws of reality...

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