School Holiday Fun

Monday, 13 April 2009

Are you a harried housewife trying to keep house, bag the groceries, wash your hair and keep the kids enthralled, entertained and enraptured with an idyllic childhood, whilst simultaneously trying to work, create, or – God forbid – do things you love or enjoy?

Are you on the brink of, or in the midst of insanity - er... I mean - school holidays?

Well, put away that gin bottle! Yes, now you too can have perfectly entertained and happy children whilst still running an immaculate house and doing your own bits and bobs at the same time!

That’s right – today you will soon be feasting your eyes on the first of daily updates on ideas you can snaffle to make the kids’ Easter holidays filled with whimsical delight

Stay tuned for idea no.1 on Tuesday 14 April (Australian EST) and don’t forget to post a link to your own ideas! Come on, mums - what are your favourite school holiday activities for kids? Share the ideas, share the love …

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