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Thursday, 2 April 2009

3 April 2009

Today, Ella got something in the mail.

My goodness, you should have seen her. She went quite ballistic. She tore that envelope out of that letterbox and squealed like a rollercoastering mouse.

It was absolutely delightful.

Ella loves to get mail, but the thing is, she never ever gets it. Neither do I, really – other than bills and notifications. It’s quite sad, truth be told. Thanks to Generation Email, I don’t suppose things are going to change soon.

But don’t you just LOVE it – that heart-warming feeling you get when you receive a thick envelope in the mail – a card, a small parcel, handwritten to you… there’s just nothing like it. And like all things in life, when it doesn’t happen much, you crave it more.

I have a couple of girlfriends who still send snail mail occasionally, and each and every piece is put into a treasure box to prove it can still happen. Then I am reminded that I must write snail mail more often myself. There is such joy in it.

So, in honour of the elusive snail mail, I am dubbing tomorrow, April 3 – Snail Mail Day. In celebration. I would like to encourage you all to put pen to paper and send someone a note. A letter. A card. A printout of an email will do, for goodness sake.

I am also proposing the return of the Pen Pal. My daughter Ella is 8 years old. She loves rabbits, gymnastics and drama, and would backflip over a pen pal. Do you have a girl who would like to start corresponding by Snail Mail? Let’s give our kids a small taste of the joy of receiving handwritten mail. Let's bring back the past, man!

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