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Monday, 4 May 2009

It was so much fun receiving the entries for my book giveaway of Riley and the Sleeping Dragon on Australian Women Online. Many thanks to Deb Robinson for this wonderful opportunity.

There were 59 entries! and some of them were so fantastic, I wept and gasped and laughed out loud when I read them, and it was soooooo hard to choose a winner!

Contestants had to describe their child's greatest adventure, real or imagined. The winner was Kylie Dowling from Port Pirie in South Australia with her hilarious entry, but I just had to post some snippets for you of other entries that absolutely delighted me.

...he's been chased by lions, flown on dragons...

"My 7 year old son's imagination takes us to new places every day. His most recent involves the time he was little and there was a crocodile in his bedroom - really, there was, mum! He's also been chased by lions, flown on dragons and had arms eaten by sharks (but they grew back)."

"My 5 year old grandaughter Holly took my 3 year old grandson Riley for a kilometre walk to the shops. The neighbourhood and police out looking, they had met up with older kids who bought them lollies. One big adventure for them."

"My daughter read Enid Blyton's books every night, so when she discovered a ring of mushrooms in a park, she was convinced there were fairies having a party there and she needed to stand in the ring to see them. She snuck out at midnight and tried with all her might to see them and came home howling at 1 am, much to our fright, that they werent there."

...the greatest adventure is yet to be...

"My 10 year old son swears that he is a reincarnation of a WWI soldier and tells me about his 'past' adventures, describing trenches and things he possibly couldn't know that much about. His 'adventures' are weird, wonderful and sometimes very scary."

"Our daughter walked the dog 'all by herself to Africa last night and they saw a big elephant and it wasn't even scary!' ...Apparently!"

"The story so far... the greatest adventure is yet to be, as jack is only a seven week old earthling at present. His greatest adventure so far comes from his mother and father's eyes as he looks into them to learn the most amazing things about this new world he's experiencing!"

...his 'adventures' are sometimes very scary...

"My son’s name is Riley and up until I found this competition, his greatest adventure was going to the Island of Sodor, meeting Thomas and Percy and getting those ‘wubblesome trucks!’ Now he talks about 'his book' and 'his plane' and how he wants to catch a ‘wubblesome dragon!’"

"My son greatest adventure is to have a real alien friend who protects him, saves the world and makes him look like the hero."

"Milkrus, Cowrus and Bambri followed my child around all the time. Of course no one else could see them. Bambri was good but Milkrus and Cowrus would get my child into all kinds of mischief. The lady on the bus who sat on Bambri probably still hasn't overcome the trauma."

...I wish I could imagine like that...

"We live behind a golf range and every day, our son Zach would go out collecting 'dinosaur eggs' from all over our back lawn and garden. He realised they were golf balls when he was 10 years old (and was very embarrassed)."

"My son has an imaginary 'old Grandpa' . He lives in a castle, races cars, motorbikes; even has his own quad bike. He flies to Queensland, hangs out with Jamie Wincup and has 10 dogs. Everyday is an adventure with our son and he is only 3. I wish I could imagine like that."

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