Event: Reading of Riley and the Sleeping Dragon at Mawson Primary School

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

21 May 2009

Mawson Primary School


What a fun time I had reading to the kids at Mawson Primary School in Canberra, where I met up with some familiar Beijing faces! Mawson has a well-established Mandarin language learning programme that several of my little friends from Beijing partake in, and there is also a few Chinese students who enjoy the benefits of a bi-lingual educational environment.

It was an absolute pleasure to read to the kids - first grades 1 and 2, then grades 3 to 6 - who asked a serious of fabulous questions (indeed, we ran out of time to answer them all!). We also talked about storywriting and the book publishing process, which was great fun.

Huge thanks to Anna Comerford and all the teachers for having me along to the school.

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