The Next Riley Book

Thursday, 7 May 2009

As the Australian launch for Riley and the Sleeping Dragon approaches, it's with much excitement that I'm starting to think about the next books in my Riley series.

The second book in the series will see Riley travel to Hong Kong, mainly because I wanted to keep that China link strong for a little while longer. Plus, I am returning to China for the literary festivals next year and wanted to take another book back that I could promote in Asia.

Also - we love Hong Kong.

I absolutely do, however, want to have Riley travel to an Australian city for the third book and I'm still not convinced it should be Sydney to start with. Although it's the most iconic city, there is so much to enjoy in every Australian capital. Eventually, Riley will travel to all cities, but which one should I begin with?

Let me know your opinion!

1 comment:

Tiny Concept said...

I would like to say another city other than Sydney as well, but I think visually Sydney has so many places to go that would really suit the book. If I want to be bias, I could say Brisbane(I have to say that don't I!!)

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