Parties: Fairy Party

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Fairy parties are arguably one of the most over-done genres in the party theme kingdom, yet they never fail to enchant. Creating a fairy garden or castle can be simple yet magical, and little girls will be totally besotted with the magic.

When Ella was 4, I threw her a fairy garden party in Adelaide in July. Being winter, we had to also flutter our wings indoors, so I decorated the family room leading out to the garden.

The party invitations were simple to make. I collaged a Felcity Wishes fairy with my own text, then printed both sides of white card and trimmed the edges with decorative scissors.

In lieu of helium balloons, which are expensive and short-lived, I strung regular balloons from the ceiling with ribbons, and joined them with double-sided paper hearts and paper chains. I also printed out fairyesque words in pastel colours, cut them out and tacked them to the walls.

Party food included fairy wand biscuits - simple butter cookies cut with star cutters with paddlepop sticks gently pushed into them and baked. They are then brushed with runny icing and dipped into pink sugar. Silver cachous would look amazing, too. I also served popcorn dusted with pink sugar in fairy cones made from white card. I cut a scalloped edge on the cones and printed and glued the word 'pop!' on the side. I also served little pink meringues, pinwheel sandwiches with jam and cream cheese inside, and baskets of pink and white marshmallows.

Goodie bags were also simple - white paper bags glued with Felicity Wishes fairy printouts and clipped with inexpensive pastel bulldog clips.

The piñata was deceptively easy - in fact, I find piñata-making a pleasure. Flour and water and newspaper pages covered the balloon first and then once completely dry, I glued rounded petals of crepe paper from the tip to the base of the bloom, finishing off with green leaves and a short stem (green crepe paper wrapped around the string).

We played classic party games - pin the wings on the fairy (I made these from paper and card, magical chairs (an old twist on the musical ones), pass the parcel and eating donuts from strings. We also had a ball with 'pull the jelly snakes' - where little fairies hold either end of a jelly candy python and pull with all their might! Then of course, there was the flower pinata that cracked open to spill its fairy treasures and glitter to the ground.

The fairies then ran around the garden and played, as little fairies are want to do. 

This was one of my favourite cakes ever. A simple round cake filled with jam and cream, covered in icing and fairy floss (cotton candy) at the last minute. Its first incarnation was a disaster. I put on the floss 2 hours before the party began and when I went to bring it out, the floss had dissolved! So be sure to decorate no more than half an hour before serving. Top with a fairy statue.

Even little Riley, just 18 months at the time, enjoyed this magical fairy party. And Ella - well, she was just queen of the party realm.


Tiny Concept said...

What a magical day - every little girls dream!! I adore to giant pink rose, just beautiful

Grand Purl Baa said...

That is just too ridiculously cute for words. Cherubs they are! Cerubs.

the projectivist said...

it all looked lovely
that cake!!!
why-oh-why did i not think of that for my, i mean MY DAUGHTER'S birthday party?!?!

TB said...

too cute - may I borrow (steal) this idea for the little party we have coming up?

Look how young you look Tania!
You have the new mommy glow still

smileybella said...

Steal away, T! x

KMcGuire said...

Hi Tanya, I love your rose pinata. I know this blog entry was quite a while ago but I would like to know how many pink pieces of crepe paper you used to make it? I'm trying to replicate something similar for my neices fairy party.

Tania McCartney said...

Hi K - no probs at all. I'm not really sure how many sheets this took - it probably would have been at least 4 or 5 packs of large sheets, maybe less, but I suppose it's best to have too much than not enough. Sorry I can't be more specific and I hope your wee niece has a lovely party!

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