Schponge Bob Schquare Pants

Monday, 18 May 2009

Ole Sponge Bob is present in our house. He's not watched daily and he's not an extreme fave, but he holds some affection and has definitely elicited a giggle or two and the odd guffaw or twenty.

He can be a shister, but he can also be absolutely so adorable that all you want to do is squeeze him - which of course would dehydrate him to the point of loofah... Not advisable.

One of the funniest things that occurs in our house when it comes to Ole Bob, is his name. These are just some of the incarnations Bob has been known to be called under our roof...

Square Bob Sponge Pants

Scunge Pob Spare Quants

Bob Squonge Pear Pants

Bunge Spob Bare Skants

Plunge Skob Scare Bants

Share Quob Skank Ants

And to think - during the utterance of these monikers, not a single drop of alcohol has been imbibed!

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