We're off to the Great Ocean Road

Friday, 15 May 2009

Look at these gorgeous things. They're called the Twelve Apostles and they're studded along the south coast of Victoria, Australia. I've only seen them once before and I'm so excited to be travelling this route again (Australia's Big Sur) with the kids.

We're away for a long weekend with dear friends the Moggies - for a few days of nattering, giggling, snuggling into throw rugs and sipping frozen margaritas while the Husbands run a marathon in the freezing wind (idiots). Will be so lovely to 'get away' and catch up.

I'll post a little snippet of our journey next week.

Happy weekend!

1 comment:

Tiny Concept said...

Tania, that sounds amazing - can I come too?? Have a great weekend - I look forward to seeing some pics soon.

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