What the Rabbits Have Been Doing...

Saturday, 30 May 2009

...going up in the world.

$300 later.

One deluxe super dooper rabbit hutch complete with, ahem... meadow hay.

One ring-a-ding, fancy schmancy kebab stick with chew toys and salt licks and carrot flavour wood chews, and a little bell that rings when your fuzzy bunnies are taking a nibble.

One toss-in-the-air rope carrot toy.

A brand spanking new water bottle WITH special slot and hooks, specially designed for it, excuse me.

Two delighted little rabbits.

Two even more delighted children.

A contented (but broke) mother, sneezing from the hay.


ninaribena said...

Ahh bless you. Better than salmonella turtles though? V. Cute.

Popped into Brindabella Baby on the weekend to check out Emma's new shop and finally bought a Riley book, it has been a madly popular addition to Dylan's "Library" since - faaabulous, you are too clever for words, xxx

smileybella said...

Much better than turtles! Turtles don't cut it when it comes to face-snuggling.

So glad Riley has become part of your fam. Bless you. x

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