Monday, 1 June 2009

That's IT! I'm going!!

This is just ridiculous. If I can't get a stamp on my passport, I need to sate this insatiable craving for beauty and culture SOMEHOW.

So, this week I'm off to the National Art Gallery of Australia (this is the considerable bonus of living in the "ho hum" national capital) to see me some art.

Just take a look at all this and tell me I'm stupid to have left it this long. I can take it.

Silently stirring

Many artists are attracted to ideas of movement, change and transformation, and animals and beings (real and mystical) are favourite subjects when depicting these ideas in works of art. Silently stirring explores these themes through prints, drawings, photography and sculpture from the national collection.

Reinventions: sculpture + assemblage

Reinventions: sculpture + assemblage includes some of Australia’s most significant established artists, such as Rosalie Gascoigne, Robert Klippel and Colin Lanceley, with those of a younger generation like Neil Roberts, Ah Xian, Tim Horn and Ricky Swallow. What the artists share is a fascination with reinvention—with taking old materials or established ideas and finding fresh, distinctive and poetic ways to express them.

Soft sculpture

Soft sculpture reveals the ways artists use unconventional materials to challenge the nature of sculpture. See works made from cloth, rope, paper, hair, leather, rubber and vinyl; works that are fluffy, squishy or bent; or that droop, ooze or splash.



Cate said...

Another thing I enjoy in this capital is the great excursions my kids get to do through school - they are off to the Soft Sculpture at NGA as a school excursion -I am thrilled to pieces and voluntering madly to be an accompanying adult.
Although my eldest son will boycott school if he has to do Old Parliament House ever again - 3 years in a row is enough of a good thing.

Market Girl said...

Only that you didn't invite us to go with you.

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