I'm Coveting... Suzy Ultman Paper Doll Parade

Monday, 22 June 2009

As seen on print & pattern.

Look at this stunning notecard set by Suzy Ultman. Oh, yes. I am going to one day make these mine. ALL MINE!

Quite honestly, I could not bear to go through the rest of my days without them.

The issue for me, however, is that whenever I source and buy such beautiful things, I can't bear to do anything with them other than frame them - so I can feast my eyes on them every spare possible moment. And seeing as though I've already framed virtually every beautiful, flat item that's ever come into our lives (yes, even fabric), I am seriously running out of wall space.

I think I could scrapbook these with some divine photos. What would you use them for?

1 comment:

Paula P. said...

Hi! these are so cute.... they would make a great theme for a girl's bedroom.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. It's really exciting to find out someone's enjoying one's creativity.

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